Pink Houses 3D cover.jpg

Where the Pink Houses Are

When unthinkable tragedy strikes, will Brenna and her mother-in-law, Anna, find healing half a world away amid the green Irish hills? Brenna begins to think she may be able to build a new life in a new land when Anna’s eccentric family welcomes her with open arms. But it’s in the arms of the town heartbreaker, Luke Dillon, that she begins to wonder if she can truly fall in love again.

Luke is a handsome charmer who’s used to getting what he wants. Just talking to him ties Brenna’s stomach in knots and sets her cheeks ablaze. He’s persistent too. She tells him she’s not interested but he doesn’t listen. Secretly, she loves his attention but something tells her to be careful. Is he good for her or will a relationship with him lead her straight into more heartbreak?

As if one confusing relationship isn’t enough, when Brenna meets Ryan Kelly she’s instantly drawn to him. He’s like no guy she’s ever met. While almost every single guy in town has asked her out, Ryan doesn’t seem to have any romantic interest in her at all. He’s much older than she is and he’s only interested in friendship—yet she can’t stop thinking about him.

Brenna questions her sanity when she finds herself falling for two very different men at the same time. As always, Anna has comforting and wise advice but Brenna needs to decide for herself as she struggles to understand God’s plan for her life. Should she give in to Luke’s attentions? Will her new friendship with Ryan become something more? Or will events that none of them can foresee take her life down a frightening new path?

Yellow Flowers 3D cover.jpg

Where the Yellow Flowers Grow

When Megan McKenna was fourteen years old, she received a love letter and a bouquet of her favorite yellow flowers. She might have been swept off her feet if it weren’t for the fact that the unexpected attention had come from a nerdy sixteen-year-old with an overbite and terrible eyesight. Embarrassed, she tossed the flowers and letter into the trash without the courage to even look back at the face behind those coke-bottle glasses.

By the end of the school year, the boy had moved away from their little Irish town, and Megan was left with a guilty conscience—and a slightly queasy feeling at the sight of yellow flowers.

Ten years later, after breaking up with her cheating fiancé and subsequently finding herself at the wrong end of a public scandal, Megan has decided she’s done with men. And no, she doesn’t care how hot the new doctor is. She’s not interested.

Dr. David O’Brien has accepted a temporary position in a small country town; a town he hasn’t seen since he was sixteen when his family moved to America. A town he hasn’t seen without the aid of coke-bottle glasses.