Note: I’m working on a much prettier survey with pictures and all. But for now…please enjoy this multiple choice masterpiece :)

How Often do you wear makeup? *
Think back over the last year and answer with that in mind.
If you wear jewelry which color finish do you gravitate toward? *
Basically, which makes your skin look the most vibrant? Silver or Gold? If you don't know, just choose "both."
If you were drawn to a cute top in the store, pick three of the following colors that it would most likely be: *
If this is hard to answer, check out the color wheel on the Makeup Resources page for a visual helper. Like me, you may wear a lot of neutrals (read slimming black ;) but if you had to choose a few colorful tops, what colors would you be most drawn to?
In natural lighting, would you say your facial skin tone is: *
Is your neck: *
Check any of the following challenges you experience on your face: *
You don't have to share this with me, but age definitely plays a role in choosing the right shade for you because texture causes us to need to go darker than we would with a super smooth face.
Full Name *
Full Name
Here you can add any specific questions or concerns you have regarding your makeup, whether it has to do with application techniques, colors, brushes, etc. Ask away!