Why Books, Brains & Beauty?




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Here you will find links to the books I’ve written. So far, I’ve written novels, but I have a non-fiction book in the works, as well as the third book in my Millway Series—love stories set in County Cork, Ireland. You’ll also find an ongoing list of books I’ve read or want to read. It seems like every time I meet with a friend for coffee, they leave with a list of books and podcasts that they’re going to check out. So this is a central place I can catalogue all the good stuff.



The word brains—in my context—refers to all the stuff I love to talk about regarding personality styles and profiles (MTBI, DiSC, StrengthsFinder, Enneagram, etc.) as well as blog posts and discussions about mental health. I’m passionate about dismantling the walls of stigma we’ve erected around this subject. If we don’t bring these talks out in the open, people will continue to think, wrongly, that they are “the only one who feels like this.”



Part of my passion for empowering women is in regards to helping them feel great about how they look. If you love how you look without makeup, more power to you! Seriously! But if you’re like me and you like the way makeup enhances what you were born with (For example…I have eyelashes…I really do. But without mascara, you’d never know it!) click below to find out more about my favorite beauty products (most are from Maskcara Beauty), my tutorials, and examples of great color combos.