Burn Calories by Bathing??

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Saw this on instagram today (that hashtag tho 😂). First of all...yay for baths that burn calories. Although, as someone who is close to six feet tall, I have to say that bathtubs really aren't made for tall people. How are we supposed to stuff our entire body in there? It's like trying to re-wrap an overstuffed Chipotle burrito...no matter how creative you get, something's gonna be sticking out. So in a bath, I always end up being half in, half out; half hot, half cold. I think that probably cuts the calorie burn down. Except, I also read that being cold can burn calories. So maybe I'm good? Maybe I'm burning double the calories? #thinkpositive

Moot point since I won't actually bother taking a bath. Sadly, I'll never get to use that awesome hashtag: #Bathlete

But the reason I loved this instagram post was not for the ironic idea that we can burn calories by bathing but for the humor in author Glennon Doyle's post that accompanied the headline. And any time someone can justify me not running, I'm all in.

My sister Sammie and I are actually going to take up running.

Tomorrow. Always tomorrow. (Right Sammie?)

Back to Glennon and humor, have you noticed how some people are just naturally funny? I think it takes looking at the world through a certain kind of rose-colored lens. One that looks for the humor in situations and remembers to put those positive rosy glasses on every day. I started reading Glennon's blogs many years ago and I was hooked because I often laughed so hard I cried while reading about her "mom-fails" or her trips to Target with a toddler on full melt-down or her beauty tips. She took situations that could have pushed her over the edge and found the humor in them. She lit a light where she could have shrunk in the dark. I love that. 

I started a new early morning routine today (more on that in a future post!) and a new planner and one of the blanks in the planner is for FOCUS. We are supposed to put in what we want to focus on and be reminded of throughout the day and on into the month. This morning I wrote "Positive Attitude." I used to be (probably annoyingly) positive. But somewhere along the way with babies and diapers, arguing kids, financial concerns, and all sorts of adulting, I think I lost my positive pink glasses. I let the darkish colors take over the rosy ones. Not all the time, of course. But I allowed it to become my default filter. And I'm not okay with that. I want my rosy glasses back. I'm thinking I lost them somewhere in the 90s along with my hair scrunchies and mom-jeans. (You can keep the jeans, 90s.)

So my goal is to focus on having a positive attitude every day. There's too much negativity out there to also carry it inside. I ain't doin it. Wanna join me in that focus this month? Bonus...the month is almost half over so it's really only a couple weeks. (Comment below if you're going to work on wearing positive glasses this month with me.) 

Second bonus: Did you know laughing burns calories, too? It's true. After reading about burning calories with a bath I googled "funny ways to burn calories." And laughter was on the list. 

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I was, however, a bit concerned with the auto-fill below my search. Go ahead, look over there to the right. ➡️ That's something someone has googled. What?!

Anyway, I was happy to hear that laughing burns some calories, but I was quite thrilled to hear that fidgeting can burn up to 300 calories per day. Seriously? Maybe I won't try to keep that ADD trait under control? 🙌🏼

Other gems I found:

  • Pushing a shopping cart for half an hour? Burns 100 Calories. And the fuller that shopping cart gets, the more calories you burn. Winning. Target, here I come! 
  • Singing in the shower? Can net you 20-40 calories spent per song, depending on how loudly and enthusiastically you're singing. So basically, the Greatest Showman soundtrack could burn 180-360 calories. And that's if you're showering...what if you sang in the bath!? hmmmmm
  • My personal favorite? Texting. Yes...an hour of texting will cost you 40 calories. I expect to be at my goal weight within two weeks. 

So the moral of the story today? Oh there are so many...take hot baths while singing at the top of your lungs. Go to Target and fill the cart up, laughing hysterically as you roll down the aisles. And then sit in the parking lot in the cold, texting your sister for an hour. But above all, wear those rosy glasses with me. Let's shine some light, together. 

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